My Little Knitting Book

A handy little reference book for every knitter’s notions bag. The compact size (3 by 5 inches) easily tucks into a knitting bag and is packed full of frequently used knitting information. The 16 pages include:

  • Knitting needle conversion
  • Common conversions
  • Yardage estimates
  • Care Symbols
  • Hook & needle inventory sheets
  • Knitting bag check list
  • Foot length vs shoe size chart
  • Kitchener stitch instructions
  • Favorite knitting books
  • Airplane knitting
  • Favorite knitting websites
  • Knitting a gauge
  • Time saving knitting tips
  • Record keeping
  • Paired decreases
  • Yarn sizes and gauge including actual size image of each yarn size
  • NEW! The Little Book now has a ruler on the back cover.