Heritage Fiber Publications is an extension of Heritage Spinning and Weaving, a full-service fiber store located in southeast Michigan. All of our products have been developed to fill a need in our shop. We think they’ll fill a need in your store, too.

Knitting Boot Camp was first offered in our shop in 2005 and was an immediate hit. The workbook was first used in 2007 and has assisted scores of knitters to really hit their knitting groove. It has been a joy to watch their skills develop and their enthusiasm about knitting increase.

My Little Knitting Book can be found in hundreds of shops across the US and Germany. To date, more than 35,000 books have been placed and our most frequent referrals are from customers who visit a shop while on vacation and take the books back to their “home” yarn shop. You can’t get a better endorsement than that!

Our patterns have been used not only to stimulate yarn sales, but more importantly to teach skills and as a basis for classes. We are especially proud of our “Learn to . . . ” and “My First . . . ” patterns. We pride ourselves in writing common sense instructions that are easy to follow.

The woman behind the company: Joan Sheridan
Joan opened Heritage Spinning & Weaving in 2000 after a life-time of loving fiber in every form. In her “former life” she was a company commander in the National Guard, worked in corporate marketing, and was a graphic designer. Her last Army Reserve military assignment was with a training unit where she wrote curriculum for Battalion-sized field exercises. She has been a business owner for more than 20 years and is an avid volunteer. Joan is co-founder of Knit Michigan (a 501c3 charity that collects patient comfort items and raises funds to support cancer patients and their families) and served on the board of the Spinning & Weaving Association for several years (SWA is now part of TNNA). She has taught nationally at TNNA, SOAR, and the Conference of Northern Californian Handweavers and regionally at guilds, Midwest Fiber and Folk Festival, Michigan Fiber Fest and Northern Michigan Sheep and Wool. She is currently completing Level III of the TKGA Master Knitting program.